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Meet-up, maybe?

I’ve been thinking about doing a Homestuck meet-up for a long time and I’m still not entirely sure where, but I have some good ideas I’d like to throw out there???

Downtown Royal Oak is a big place and there are lots of restaurants and stores we can loiter in and do stuff and the Barnes and Noble has a cafe.

Or there’s an ice rink near Royal Oak High School called Lindell.  The rink is a really good size and I’m sure we’d all have a lot of fun.  I’ve not heard anything bad from ice rink meets yet.

Or like, Oakland Mall???  Always stuff to do there and I know the security guards there are not as crazy about people dancing and dressing up there.  

Just let me know what you guys think, okay?  

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  1. prophet-0f-fluff answered: Oakland Mall sounds fun!
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  4. lykaois answered: royal oak and oakland mall sound pretty good
  5. base-blog-of-numerous-others answered: God I wish I could come, have fun with your meet!
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  7. robotsatthedisco answered: When would this be? I’d be interested, if you’d have me.
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  9. spirit-worldwarrior answered: oooo the Barnes and Nobles sounds awesome I know my way around there I can find all the good stuff
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  11. dammitjameskirk answered: Oakland Mall is a fun place! We held a meet there two weeks ago! Ice rink or barnes and noble sounds v fun tho. Sometime this month, or?
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